In this section we cover some of the most frequently asked questions that our potential publishers usually have. This is not meant to be extensive, but rather short for your curiosity. If your doubts are not solved with this page, please contact us.


  • Why is this platform different from others?

    We offer you full access to the API, meaning you can use the data as you wish. We also offer you libraries to speed up your development time. Pocket provides transparency from the creative to the campaign level, in order to provide the best possible user experience. 

  • How do you select the ads that will be served in my app?

    Pocket has  big data algorithms. Optimization is based on several key factors, including but not only: payout, conversion rate, estimated revenue, users habits, app popularity and many more. 

  • What do the ads look like?

    The esthetic of the campaign is up to you as the app/site owner. We provide libraries that will help match the theme of your site/app in order to integrate our Native Ad unit seamlessly into the UI.  


  • How much can I make?

    Average eCPMs vary based on geo, vertical and device type. In general, Tier 1 = $3-5$, Tier 2 =$1.50-$3 and Tier 3 = $.50-$1.5 . Currently we work on a performance based rev share model. Payment terms are Net30. Payment threshold is $500. Please note we are in Beta, and payment options can be negotiable. 

  • How does the signup process work?

    The first step is contacting us. Once the sign up process is complete, an account manager will be in touch.

Technology and integration

  • What platforms do you support?

    Mobile web, iOS and Android. We can also assist you with any custom implementation thanks to our API-based ads platform. CocoaPods for iOS, Android and Javascript libraries are available.

  • Can I implement the ads in an unsupported platform?

    Yes. We will provide you a fully featured API to obtain the best possible ads for the specific placement of your app - and you will be in charge of parsing it, displaying the ad, and ensuring the best possible user experience. We know we can trust you on that - and we will focus on delivering the best ads for you.

  • How complex is the integration process?

    Only ten lines of code need to be added, which should take no longer than 15 minutes. The creative customization process will take as little little or as much time as you feel necessary. Integration with the web API takes the least amount of time because it uses your CSS and HTML code.

  • What does it mean that the platform is API-based?

    It means that you have the same access to the data by using your own code, or the libraries we provide. It is flexible, adaptable, and made to be compatible with all the systems.

  • How can I know what are you running in my app within the libraries?

    The libraries are open source, you can check all the code bundled, and you don't need to use them if you don't want to. 

  • How are your libraries different from the other SDKs in the industry?

    We have not named our libraries as SDKs on purpose because we see them as utilities to save you time during the development phase. They are open source, its usage voluntary, and you can use whatever method works best to display the ads.

Pocket Media

  • Who is Pocket Media?

    Pocket Media is a fast growing performance based Mobile Advertising Agency founded in 2012, based in New York, Amsterdam and Singapore. With an experienced and savvy team, we create and expand our partnerships with publishers worldwide. 

    Our focus is on App Installs. Real-time optimization on post install events is standard with us.

    We are your key demand partner to a succesfull mobile campaign

  • Why did Pocket develop a Native Ad Unit API?

    We saw a lack of simple, transparent monetization products in the industry. With Pockets’ years in the performance industry, we knew it was time to release this product.

  • Is Pocket hiring?

    Yes we are! Check out the careers site for more information.