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Pocket Media’s API-based native ad solution. Featuring, open source libraries that gives the creative control back to you. 

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*Disclaimer 1. In order to be eligible for this bonus offer participants must: a) have signed up to a Pocket Media publisher account after April 1st, 2016 US PST, b) have a minimum account balance of USD 250 in order to receive automatically the payment from Pocket Media.  2. Revenue totals are as listed in the Pocket Media portal, in US Dollars. 3. During the promotional period the publisher will receive 100% of the generated revenue. 4. Pocket Media has the right to change, modify, suspend or terminate this promotion at any time. 5. Pocket Media is not liable for any errors or omissions. 6. Pocket Media has the right to remove the bonus offer from an account if any unfair play, fraud or other reason is suspected that would invalidate your participation in this promotion. 7. All publisher accounts, including those that sign up as part of this bonus offer, will be subject to Pocket Media’s Terms and Conditions for publishers.

Advantages of our native ads solution

Our API-based integration is not a heavy SDK that involves precious tech time. We offer you an endpoint; the API retrieves the campaign details and you pick the ad space and general style of our unique ad unit.  You have full control of the process, and can use our open source libraries and sample apps to integrate and customize the ad unit faster. 

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Pocket Media’s unique algorithm is constantly changing to provide the highest monetary value, while still considering the engagement of the user. We believe that a good experience is the key for your monetization, and you are the one that knows what your users like. 

Pocket Media

We monetize traffic via a Native Ad API where we give control to our developers. Transparency is key to success. We are your key demand or supply partner to a successful mobile campaign. 

Pocket Media is a Performance driven Mobile Media Agency Based in NY, AMS & SG. Our focus is on App installs. Together with our Advertisers we select the supply that fits the product. Optimization on post install events is standard with us.